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Needle punching is the oldest method of producing nonwoven products. It is a mechanical process to turn fiber to fabric. The web for needle punch nonwoven is made with the help of dry-laid technology mainly by carding process. This process involves forcibly entangling layers of loose staple fibers or filaments into a 3-D structure by alternately punching and pulling out beds of barbed needles. With needle punching or mechanical bonding, strong yet flexible and comparably thick nonwovens are produced.



  • Strong uniform structure

  • Right balance of softness and strength

  • Customized to meet your requirements for fiber range, throughput, web qualities, and so on

  • Consistent web qualities

  • Basis weight ranging from 40 gsm ~ 2000 gsm


  • Hydrophilicity

  • Extra-Softness


  • Medical - Respirators (Flat fold respirators, Cup Masks etc.)

  • Automobile Industry - Headliners, Floor Carpets, Parcel Tray, Load Shelf/Trunk Carpet, Seat Backing

  • Filtration - Air Filtration and Liquid Filtration for Cement, Steel, Non-ferrous Metallurgy, Glass & Ceramics, Power Plant, Water treatment, Food processing industries

  • Industrial - Shoes, Mattress, Building, Composites

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