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Automobile filtration

Samridhi Crreation fabricat syntheticas materias plene observans in foro filtration automotivas. Haec materia applicationes speciales habet sicut - instrumentum aeri colum mediarum, machina aeris medias, cibus aqua media separator, media sparguntur oleum etc.

We  utuntur technologiae novissimae sicut conflatio conflatio, compages scelerisque, acus pulsatio, compages chemicae, technologiae nano, ac fibrae nano.


Camera nostra productorum colum aerarium ex fibris fibris constant et instrumentorum nostrorum electrostatically oneratur, quod dat retentione particulae sub-micron auctae cum gutta pressuris imminutae. Haec materia superiorem efficientiam fractorum habet, processabilitatem bonam, ac stabilem in caliditate et humiditate. Eius altissima efficacia et humilis resistentia air- fluentes characteres adiuvant ad tutelam rectoribus et vectoribus augendam.


Composita filtrationem instrumentorum communicationis socialis utentes PBT et charta cellulosa ad alimenta aquae separationis efficimus. Usus huius instrumenti efficit ut remotionem humoris a foco et vitae machinae meliorem efficiat.

Iuxta medias oleum etiam plene syntheticum facimus, quibus reticulum filum adhibitum adhiberi potest pro filtratione olei ad gravem applicationem ac filamenta hydraulica.

cellulose filter media roll.png

retention with a reduced pressure drop. This material has a superior fractional efficiency, good processability, and stable performance in high temperature and humidity. Its high efficiency and low airflow resistance characteristics help in increasing the protection for drivers and passengers. We also produce composite filtration media using PBT and cellulose paper for fuel water separation. Use of this media ensures removal of moisture from fuel and improves the life of the engine. Alongside, we also make fully synthetic oil medias which can be used with wire mesh backing for oil filtration for the heavy duty application and hydraulic filters.

Cellulose filter media is another primary product in our filtration media segment like: Cellulose Filter Media Roll, Composite filter media roll, Gas turbine filtration media. This versatile, proven, and cost-effective material is made from renewable resources and compatible with a multitude of filter production processes, such as embossing, corrugating, and pleating. It offers various benefits like high strength and durability, large surface area, chemical stability, temperature stability and strong adhesion to Glass fiber and Meltblown layers.

Product range


  • Attractio Aeris Filtration Media

  • Secundarium Air Filtration Media

  • Oleum Filtration Media

  • Cameram Air Filtration Media

  • Engine Air Filtration Media

  • Fuel Aeris Filtration Media

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