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We are one of the renowned manufacturers globally for woven, knitted, non woven, composite & converted products.


About Us


We aim to become one of the leading woven, knitted, non woven, composite and converted product suppliers globally.

Quality Statement

We adhere to the most stringent quality parameters to provide the best possible product to our customers. Our entire supply chain is thoroughly audited and inspected on a regular basis to maintain quality and consistency.


To continually understand and innovate, and provide new and tailored solutions to our customers. We always hope to exceed their expectations in various parameters like quality, delivery and cost.

Our Team

We have the unparalleled support of an experienced, highly qualified and a competent team of professionals, which is a must to achieve our vision and mission.

Our Culture

We intend to develop a personal business relationship with our customers, and support them will all possible requirements in the long term.

Manufacturing Facility

We employ the latest machinery, technology and lab equipment in order to produce and maintain the best possible product. Our manufacturing facility is GMP, ISO and OHSAS certified.



  • 繊維の開口部とブレンド

  • TCFシュートフィーダー

  • エクセルカードS35

  • 最大200M/分

  • エアスルーボンディングオーブン

  • 空気循環ファン

  • 空冷と転送

  • 不織布巻線



Our Products




Stephen Shoretire

A fine range of non-woven materials and converted products with modern equipment and cooperative staff ensure consistency in quality parameters.

Our Testimonials

Alice Wu

Excellent collection of polyester woven fabrics, appreciate the systematic way of working and meeting delivery timelines.

Clifford George

One of the only few companies in India to produce top quality carbon impregnated non woven filtration media

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