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ユニバーサルアブソーベントはスマートなデザインで、あらゆる種類のこぼれの洗浄に最適です。私たちのユニバーサル吸収パッド/マット、ユニバーサル吸収ロール、ユニバーサル吸収枕、スパンボンドカバーストックとポリエステルニット生地を備えたユニバーサル吸収ブーム アウターキャスティング、ユニバーサル吸収性ソックス、ユニバーサル吸収性粒子は、まさに油、溶剤、冷却剤、水ベースのこぼれを吸収するために必要なものです。それらは短いスパンで大量の液体を吸収することができます。機械の下で、メンテナンスや修理のために、オーバースプレーを吸収するために、作業台を並べるなど、無数の方法で使用してください。 

The fiber arrives at our factory from our suppliers through road transport. The manufacturing process has an extremely negligible environmental impact when compared to materials made from any other man-made fibers. 


The material is 100% biodegradable, composed of 80% Recycled Cotton and 20% Recycled Low Melt Fiber (binding agent for fibers). The pads can be further recycled for production of home furnishing goods, or can be broken down again to make more felt, making it 100% recyclable. Since it is a natural product and plants can continue to produce more cotton indefinitely, it is certainly 100% renewable.


We have installed solar panels to generate our own electricity. These panels generate more green energy than is required for felt production without CO2 emissions.

Traditional Meltblown pads and rolls are not sustainable, or biodegradable. From the very outset, the raw materials (PP granules) are derived from crude oil which, an industry where with very high energy usage. The materials made from PP are recyclable in the sense that they can be melted and crystallized again to form granules. 


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