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Samridhi Crreation proizvodi cijeli niz medija za filtriranje kvalitete zraka u zatvorenom prostoru. Pružamo rješenje izravno iz medija za predfiltriranje/medija grubog filtra (G1, G2, G3, G4), medija srednjeg filtra (M5,M6), medija s finim filtrom (F7, F8, F9), HEPA filter medija (H10, H11, H12, H13, H14, H15), ULPA filter mediji (U15, U16, U17). Naši mediji zadovoljavaju europske standarde - EN779, EN1822 kao i američke standarde. Ovi proizvodi se isporučuju u različitim oblicima kao što su medijske role, vrećice (džepovi), nabrani filteri s žicom, min-nabori i V-bank filteri.

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  • Snažna ujednačena struktura

  • Osnovna težina Spunbonda s jednom snopom (S) u rasponu od 15 gsm do 100 gsm

  • Osnovna težina dvostrukog snopa Spunbond (SS) u rasponu od10 gsm do 80 gsm

  • Tripice Osnovna težina grede Spunbond (SSS) u rasponu od 8 gsm do 80gsm

  • Prava ravnoteža mekoće i snage

  • Višestruki tretmani kao što su hidrofilnost, njega kože, UV zaštita i antistatička svojstva


Activated Carbon Impregnated Filter Media Rolls:

The excellent adsorption abilities of the Activated Carbon Filter Media Roll set it apart from other filtration media. This roll targets and removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic gases, and offensive odors from the air. This filter media roll may efficiently catch and hold a variety of pollutants by exploiting activated carbon's porous structure and large surface area. Activated Carbon Filter Media Roll is frequently used in industrial operations, HVAC systems, and air purifiers where odor control is important.


  • Elimination of toxic gases and odors effectively.

  • Effective adsorption of chemicals and VOCs.

  • Improved air quality overall by removing tiny pollutants.

  • Longer life expectancy than conventional carbon filters.

  • Versatile uses in domestic, professional, and industrial contexts.


Acrylic Fiber Needle Punched Felt Roll:

Acrylic Fiber Needle Punched Felt Roll is designed to provide superior dust collecting and filtration capabilities. The needle-punching method produces its dense and homogenous structure, which improves filtration effectiveness. This Acrylic Fiber Needle Punched Felt Roll is frequently employed in dust-collecting systems, air-handling units, and industrial bag filters.


  • High level of filtration for small dust particles.

  • Superior ability to hold dust and simple dust release following cleaning.

  • Long-lasting performance requires resistance to chemicals, mildew, and moisture.

  • Throughout a range of operating situations, stable and constant filtration performance.


Polyamide Fiber Needle Punched Felt Roll:

These Polyamide Fiber Needle Punched Felt Roll are recognized for their remarkable strength and tensile strength. These rolls are perfect for fine particulate matter applications because they have good filtration performance. Polyamide Fiber Needle Punched Felt Roll are frequently utilized in cleanrooms, pharmaceutical processing, and vehicle paint booths.


  • For dependable filtering performance, high tensile strength and dimensional stability are required.

  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, temperature changes, and abrasion.

  • Efficient removal of submicron-sized particles from fine particulate materials.

  • Low airflow resistance extends filter life and reduces energy consumption.

  • Suitable for applications that demand high levels of cleanliness.


Aramid Fiber Needle Punched Felt Rolls:

These Aramid Fiber Needle Punched Felt roll are renowned for having outstanding mechanical and thermal characteristics. These Aramid Fiber Needle Punched Felt Rolls are perfect for machining, welding, and incineration because they offer higher filtration performance in high-temperature conditions.


  • Outstanding heat resistance, preserving filtration effectiveness in hot environments.

  • Excellent mechanical durability and abrasion resistance.

  • Effective elimination of dangerous chemicals and fine particles.

  • Suitable for applications requiring thermal stability and fire resistance.

  • Extended service life, even in industrial settings that are demanding.

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