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If all you need to clean up is oil or oil-based liquids, our product range including oil absorbent pads, oil absorbent rolls, oil absorbent pillows, oil absorbent booms, oil absorbent socks and oil absorbent particulate is exactly what you need. They not only absorb oil but also repel water, which makes them great for skimming applications on water. They’re ideal for transformer oil, vehicle fluids, grease, petroleum, oil-based solvents and more. 

We also supply Meltblown and Spunbond rolls individually for clients having an in-house lamination facility.



  • Cost-effective products when you only need to absorb oil-based liquids

  • Multiple layers of 100% polypropylene non woven fabric are thermally bonded, dimpled and perforated to make our pads one of the most durable pads

  • Dimpled pattern helps in speeding up the wicking process of liquid throughout the pad for a quicker and an easier cleanup

  • Ultra high absorbency with a fine-fiber construction do not leave behind any liquids or fiber residue

  • Absorbs oil and fuels only, NOT water

  • White color depicts that it is only for oil based liquids and fuels, and also draws attention to any machine leaks. It also clearly shows the saturation level during spill response

  • Easy to tear perforations enables the user to utilize less mat and save money



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