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S/SS/SSS Spunbonded Non-Woven fabric by Samridhi Crreation is a 100% Polypropylene nonwoven fabric manufactured using 1/2/3 beams/extruders respectively. This fabric not only exhibits flawless performance, supreme strength and elongation, it is also cost efficient and can be used by cost sensitive manufacturers from many industries.

This fabric is manufactured using the latest generation technology, ‘Reicofil’ by Reifenhauser, Germany. Our fully automated production also line uses in-line camera testing technique for quality assurance and advanced robotics for packaging with zero human contact.

We use high quality raw material from only the leading global suppliers.



  • Strong uniform structure

  • Single beam Spunbond (S) basis weight ranging from 15 gsm to 100 gsm

  • Double beam Spunbond (SS) basis weight ranging from 10 gsm to 80 gsm

  • Tripe beam Spunbond (SSS) basis weight ranging from 8 gsm to 80 gsm

  • Right balance of softness and strength

  • Multiple treatments like hydrophilicity, skin care, UV protect and anti-static properties


  • Hydrophilicity

  • Anti-Static

  • Extra-Softness

  • Aloe Vera

  • UV Protection 


  • Baby Care – Top sheet and Back sheet of Baby Diapers

  • Adult Care - Top sheet and Back sheet of Adult incontinence products

  • Feminine Care - Top sheet and Back sheet of Sanitary pads

  • Medical - Respirators, Gowns, Coveralls, Drapes

  • Filtration - Water Filtration, Air Filtration

  • Spill Control - Absorbent Pads, Booms, Pillows, Socks etc.

  • Automobile Industry

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