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Our oil boom netting is the key component used to encase and contain the filler that repels water but absorbs oil and hydrocarbons. Specifically developed to combine lightweight design with exceptional strength, our knitted netting allows oil booms to easily float on water and collect oil spills in ponds, rivers, water troughs, outfalls, lakes and oceans. It delivers the necessary strength and flexibility to facilitate retrieval of the soaked oil booms after their useful life. Oil booms manufactured with our knitted netting are also used in diverse industrial applications and are placed around machinery and equipment to contain a potential oil spillage.

Our Oil Boom Netting Characteristics:

  • Exceptionally strong

  • UV resistant

  • Available in different patterns, materials, lengths and widths

  • Pliable and easy to handle  



  • Strong & durable

  • UV resistant

  • Pliable

  • Easy to handle

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