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Samridhi Crreation comprises of 350 High Speed Water Jet and Air Jet Looms (Taiwanese Machinery). All the looms are equipped with top quality Dobby attachments. The looms are equipped with all the sophisticated and technical attachments, which make it 5 times costlier than an ordinary water-jet loom. The looms can weave up to 108 Inches of Fabric. The looms can weave the most difficult quality available.

We have 150 twisting Machines for High Twist Fabrics. The twisting machines are also highly customized to meet good and high-end qualities for High Twisted Fabrics.

We also have 10 Warping Machines. The company has constructed a big reservoir of 30 Million Litres to cater to Water-Jet Looms. The purpose of maintaining such a huge reservoir, is to maintain its self-dependency in case of water shortage, and we can run our looms without withdrawing water from the government for at least 3 months. Our capacity is 20 Million meters per annum. Weaving pattern capabilities include Plain, Twill, Ripstop, Satin, Oxford, Basket, Herringbone


                  FABRIC SPECIFICATIONS 

  • 100% Cotton

  • Polyester/Cotton

  • Cotton/Nylon

  • Protex

  • Teijin Conex

  • Metaramid (Kermel)

  • Lenzing FR

  • Steel Fiber

  • Carbon Fiber

  • Polyester/Tencel

  • Cotton/Tencel


  • Flame Retardant 

  • High Visibility

  • Chemical Splash

  • Oil Resistant

  • Anti-Bacterial Finish

  • Mosquito Repellent

  • Teflon Coated

  • Fabric for combat uniform

  • Anti-Static  

  • UV Protective

  • Moisture Management

  • IRR finish

  • Army Camouflage

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