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Samridhi Crreation comprises of 650 High Speed Water Jet Looms (Taiwanese Machinery). All the looms are equipped with top quality Dobby attachments. The looms are equipped with all the sophisticated and technical attachments, which make it 5 times costlier than an ordinary water-jet loom. The looms can weave up to 108 Inches of Fabric. The looms can weave the most difficult quality available.

We have 150 twisting Machines for High Twist Fabrics. The twisting machines are also highly customized to meet good and high-end qualities for High Twisted Fabrics. We also have 10 Warping Machines. The company has constructed a big reservoir of 30 Million Liters to cater to Water-Jet Looms. The purpose of maintaining such a huge reservoir, is to maintain its self-dependency in case of water shortage, and we can run our looms without withdrawing water from the government for at least 3 months. 

We make fabrics from 40 GSM up to 600 GSM suitable for garments in the fashion industry. We are moving towards a sustainable environment and also make recycled polyester fabrics made from recycled yarn, which is developed from pre-consumer and post-consumer plastic waste, for example - pet bottles. We are GRS certified by the Control Union of India for Recycled Polyester Fabrics.


Samridhi Crreation established a knitting unit (Circular & Warp) in Surat to meet its requirement of knitted fabrics across cotton, nylon, spandex and polyester compositions. We supply to leading lingerie manufacturers globally. The capacity of this unit is approximately 2000 kgs of greige fabric production per day and we plan to expand the capacity in the near future.


We also have the capability to produce 30,000 meters of warp knitted fabric every day. Designs in both formats i.e., with spandex and without spandex are available through this unit. The entire fabric range is manufactured on latest high-speed Tricot and Raschel machines by Karl Mayer, Germany.

Capability for special finishes - Mercerizing, Peaching and brushing & various nano finishes like Anti-microbial, UV Finishes, Wicking, Water & Stain Repellent, Neutralizer Finishes & Fire Retarding Fabrics (Protex Based) etc.




  • Wovens: Crepe De Chine (CDC), Micro x Micro, American Crepe, Revera Crepe, BSY Crepe, Dull Crepe, Kasturi Crepe, Heavyweight Crepe, Lightweight Crepe, Silver Chiffon, Alfino Chiffon, Orange Chiffon, High Multi Chiffon, Japan Satin, Ultra Satin, BSY Satin, Hammered (Washer) Satin, Dull Satin, Satin Lycra, Satin Back Crepe, Moss Satin, Weightless Georgette, Russian Georgette, 70x68 Georgette, BSY Georgette, Lycra Georgette, 60 gram georgette, Poonam Dani, Freddy Moss, Missy Moss, BSY Moss, Empire Moss, Heather Moss, Moss Lycra, Summer Cool, Dobbies, Jacquards, Lurex qualities.

  • Circular & Warp Knitted: Poly Spandex (Lycra) Fabric Qualities for Activewear and Lingerie (Wicking Finish, Hydrophilic Finish, Flame Retardant Finish and other special finishes on order basis), Single Jersey, Interlock, Rib, Jacquards, Textures (Scuba, Crepes, Sandwich), Poly Mesh, Poly Mesh Spandex (Lycra), Poly Mesh Dobbies


  • Wovens: Moss Crepe, Bemberg Crepe, Viscose Georgette, Viscose Double Georgette, Viscose Satin, Viscose Satin Lycra, Viscose Santoon, Royal Crepe, Moroccan Crepe, Viscose Crepe Satin

100% NYLON

  • Circular & Warp Knitted: Nylon Spandex (Lycra) Fabric Qualities for Activewear and Lingerie (Wicking Finish, Hydrophilic Finish, Flame Retardant Finish and other special finishes on order basis), Single Jersey, Interlock, Nylon Mesh, Nylon Mesh Spandex (Lycra), Nylon Mesh Dobbies


  • Wovens: Poly Viscose, Poly Cotton, Poly Nylon, Poly Tencel, Nylon Viscose, Nylon Tencel, Viscose Linen


  • In-House CAD Designing

  • Dyeing – Sample Jets, Full Sized Jets, Air Flow Jets

  • Printing : Rotary Printing, Digital Printing, Flat-Belt Printing, Flock Printing, Foil Printing, Dew Drop etc.

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