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Samridhi Crreation manufactures Spunlace nonwoven fabrics in a state-of-the-art modern facility with a plant capacity is 12,000 metric tonnes per annum. The technology and equipment have been provided by one of the world’s leading nonwoven machinery supplier based out of France. The quality produced in the plant is truly world class with very wide acceptability and validation. Strict hygienic conditions are maintained throughout the manufacturing process of Spunlace for wet wipes, wound care and hygiene product applications.



  • Product range includes plain, aperture, embossed, colored, printed, impregnated and chemical treated Spunlace

  • Capabilities for production of Polyester, Viscose, Cotton, Tencel and Bamboo blend fabrics

  • Fine and submicron fibers for better cover, bulk and soft feel

  • Profile fibers like Trilobal for improved bulk quality

  • Bi-component fiber for better strength and fewer lint

  • QUAT –MATE cleaning product

  • Laminated Spunlace fabric for both grey and dyed in medical blue / green colour

  • AAMI Level 2 fabric made of Spunlace fabric


  • Hydrophilicity

  • Anti-Static

  • Extra-Softness

  • Aloe Vera

  • UV Protection 


  • Hygiene - Wet Wipes, Handkerchief, Underpads

  • Medical - Eye pad, Isopropyl Alcohol Swabs, Patient Drapes, OT Towels, Disposable Hospital Bed Sheets, Surgical Gown

  • Filtration - Water Filtration, Oil Filtration

  • Spill Control - Absorbent Pads, Booms, Pillows, Socks etc.

  • Home Furnishing, Hospitality and Garments

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