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Absorbent Pad or Pillow: Which Do You Use — and When?

Leaks and spills are inevitable in any workplace that uses liquids, oils, chemicals, water, or something else entirely. You can use any of several absorbent products, such as those offered by Samridhi Creation, to expedite and secure your spill cleanups. Absorbent pads and absorbent cloth are two of the most widely used absorbent products.


Absorbent pads and pillows may seem similar at first: A pillow is sturdier and more expensive than a pad, but the difference is minimal. Not only do absorbent pads and pillows serve different purposes, but there are other notable distinctions between the two products. Knowing the various applications can help you select the most suitable absorbent material.

Spills in Your Workplace

● Absorbent pads are available in rolls and individually (by the case). Pads come in large quantities because they have so many potential applications; they can be used for anything from wiping up small leaks to absorbing them, from lining spill kits to lowering the risk of slips and falls.

● Pillows made of absorbent material are used to contain major spills. They are more efficient at soaking up liquid than an absorbent pad. They can be easily inserted into small spaces like a fluid reservoir, waste trough, or inaccessible part of machinery.

● Choose the absorbent products you should stock up on based on your understanding of the requirements at your place of employment. Many workplaces keep pads and pillows on hand to be prepared for any situation.

We offer a variety of high-quality absorbent pads and pillows at budget-friendly prices.

Our Offerings Include:

● Absorbent pillows are sized differently and are color-coded for quick identification.

● Pads and rolls are designed to soak up oil while keeping water out.

● Budget-friendly oil spill cleanup with economy-grade pads and rolls.

Absorbent pads and rolls for chemical spills are made to resist the harshest chemicals.

● Pads and Rolls for Universal Absorption — These pads and rolls absorb aggressive and non-aggressive fluids, making them the go-to choice for industrial use.

● There is no one absorbent substance that works best in every spill scenario. An adequate supply of absorbent pads and pillows will allow you to quickly and safely clean up any fluid spills.

Are you looking for an Absorbent Pillow?

Feel Free to Get in touch with Samridhi Crreation.

We are one of India’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of Absorbent Pillows.

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